Starting a blog from scratch

Hey designers out there..Thanks for passing by.. This is a web designing and development tutorial blog designed and managed by web designers and web developers for web designers and web developers..

So i am planning to start a web designing tutorial blog. As i am not so fluent in english, Please forgive the minor grammer mistakes and poor english. I have planned to develop this blog for various reasons. The main reason is to acquire more knowledge in the trending web designing and web development technologies and to practice it live and to share the knowledge. Other reasons include the revenue earned from a blog and to promote my other websites and to drive in traffic.

I have planned to start this blog from scratch because i could know more about the wordpress structure and the development of themes and plugins. So i started from developing a theme from scratch. The theme will me getting updates every week , so i could make it better. The theme i designed for my blog is for the use of this blog only. The blog currently has a basic structure only. I think it will become better as i design it further.

I will be sharing more articles on other topics like integrating mailchimp etc.. which will help other bloggers or web developers to integrate or use it in their own projects.

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