Introduction to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a simple email marketing service most frequently used among the bloggers to make their blog posts reach the blogs viewers or their interested blog viewers.

Mailchimp platform helps to create email newsletters and send it to their subscribers. This service helps to maintain a list of subscribers and send a targeted email newsletters like latest articles, news, blog posts etc to the people in that list. For getting into the list one has to fill out a form from the blog and confirm their email address. Once confirmed whenever the subscribed campaign has any new post , the people in the list will get an email newsletter with the custom designed email template from the Mailchimp service.

MailChimp allows you to easily create newsletters of varying types and then provides simple options for sharing them on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, making it your own personal platform for publishing your newsletter. Build a list of the people whom you want to market your products to, and save the list for use later on, and create custom templates for your products so that you do not have to rewrite mails again and again.

People who maintain a newsletter will find MailChimp to be of a lot of help, as it helps them save their drafts and formats quite easily. MailChimp also helps you track your results so you can check the responses that you receive from your clients.This gives you a better idea about how you can make changes to your campaign in order to get a more positive response for your page!
Are you looking for the best in class email marketing software but have been unable to find one as yet? Available for free who have a mailing list of less than 2,000 contacts, MailChimp provides starters with the ultimate option of checking how successful and easy to use the software is. In addition, the convenient pricing plans are extremely accommodating for users with long lists, so give it a try now and see the results for yourself!

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