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As of today, Google Plus (Google+) has over 150 million active users.

Google plus is quickly becoming an essential part of any businesses social media strategy.  It boasts a 250 million users and this number is sure to grow quickly as google is making a google plus account mandatory for all gmail users. The google plus is having over 150 million active users out of 250 million user accounts. And 50% of google+ users sign on daily.

Google plus has a 33% growth rate per year. These calculations shows us how important it is to add google plus to our social media strategy. In this article i will give you 6 tips on how to boost your Marketing through Google+.


#1 : Personalize Your Profile

You want your About Page to really stand out, show your business’ personality, and to direct your page viewers towards relevant pages on your website. To achieve this you need to do three things:

  1. Describe your business in a better way as clearly as possible.
  2. Write a description in a way , who you are , as a business.
  3. Hyperlink text as a call to action for people to visit your website

Claim a google plus custom URL. This helps you to get found in the google search results. And this is a better way to brand your page by making the page URL something related to your brand/company/business etc.. rather than a random string of numbers.


#2 : Create Quality content

Content marketing is the best to market your business, and google plus is one of the best platforms you got. Unlike other social websites, google plus has given the users the ability to format the text to be bold, italicized or strike through for additional emphasis.

You can also use this as a second blogging platform as there is no limit for characters in the post unlike other social media platforms. Like other social networks, your posts should provide informative or entertaining content first and promotional content second. Once you’ve built a large following you can level off the ratios a bit, but even then remember that your content should always provide some kind of value to your followers. The more you share the more authority you will build, but it’s still best to practice some moderation.


#3 : Post regularly to build up an audience

As you continue building up your community, you are going to want to start posting consistently to your page. After all, if people are going to add you to their circles you are going to want to provide them with some quality content.
If you are struggling with keeping your content flowing you should consider using an automation tool like HootSuite.

You should be sure to interact with anyone who shares your content. Leave a comment or at least give it a +1 In order to show that you appreciate the share.


#4 : Mention other users in your post

By mentioning a user in your post, the google plus will send a notification to the user. You can address specific users in your posts like Twitter does. In Google plus, by using a plus sign (+) and choosing the contacts from the drop down menu , you could mention specific users in your posts.

Mentioning other users in your posts is a good way to make other people involve in the discussions, especially the influencers.


#5 : Encourage easy sharing

Social shares are one of the many signals included in Google’s search algorithm so it stands to reason that shares and +1’s on Google+ will greatly impact your search engine ranking. Personalized results are received when people are logged into their Google+ account, based not only on their previous searches but also their Circle. The best part is that the improved search ranking doesn’t just apply to your followers, but also the followers of the people who +1 your content. This means that if a major influencer +1’s your content, you can potentially get a lot of exposure.

If you want to take advantage of this huge boost in your search rank, the easiest thing you can do is add a +1 button for each article on your site. If you want your Google Plus followers to +1, sometimes all it takes is to ask.


#6 : Add your google plus page to your email signature

As email marketing is the best and widely used marketing technologies and it is the most user interacted marketing strategy, promoting the page through email is another useful way to promote your page.

Promote your Google Plus page in your email signature, business cards, or any other advertising or promotional material you are using and make sure your google plus profile is in the branding.


Start marketing on Google plus !

Google+ has a lot to offer your business both through its unique features that enable you to connect with your audience and through its significance for Search Engine Optimization.

It will take some time to see the fruits of your labor, but the longer you use it, the more you’ll understand how you should approach your target audience. Keep track of the posts and updates that do the best and try to see why it performed so much better than others then apply this information to future posts. You’ll soon see your follower count and engagement rate grow and you will most certainly boost your Business to Business marketing with Google+.

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