An introduction to WordPress

WordPress.. Maybe some of you have heard a lot about it and a few, nothing. This blogpost is for those who have not heard about it.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) which powers almost 25% of the websites in the World Wide Web. Even though there are other competitors like Joomla, Drupal people go for WordPress because of its simplicity and user friendly interface and most importantly the global usability.

No matter what the type

No matter what type of website you need to build with wordpress , its capable of all the things. It is fully capable from creating a landing page to a fully formed blogging platform. The wordpress is also known for the themes and its support for the developers. a developer with the basic knowledge of programming skills like HTML,PHP,CSS and Jquery can develop the themes and plugins for wordpress platform.

WordPress vs Blogger

Blogger- the google’s alternative for the blogging platform is another well known blogging platform. But even though the blogger is of google’s, people go for wordpress due to its highly customizable capabilities and the less complex coding patterns. And in any means WordPress is a lot better than Blogger because of its self-hosted and wordpress hosted methods. One can download a copy of wordpress platform and host it in their own server or can use a wordpress hosted blog with a subdomain of ‘.wordpress’ . And blogger doesnt offer this kind of service.

Why Web designers support wordpress?

Web designers and developers supports wordpress because of mainly one reason. PHP . We can use PHP in wordpress and modify the themes and functionalities of the wordpress content management system according to our needs. More over we can use it to build new themes and plugins of our own or install new themes or plugins from various other sources.

With wordpress plugins we can extend the functionalities of the platform to support automatic comment spam filtering, send email newsletters, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a lot more.

WordPress also provides updates to thier content management system for fixing various bugs and security issues.

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