Google adsense for publishers

Prior to this point, you may or may not have heard of Google Adsense. If you haven’t it’s an ad network google has set up to allow website owners, bloggers and others to place ads on their site and make money.

The Google Adsense Triangle

The working of the google adsense is simple. Before we see more about it, there are other google programs which supports the google adsense program. They are :

Google Adwords : Where company owners buy ads

Google Adsense :  Where website owners agree to host ads

Google Web bots :  The process of which ads go on which pages..

First, It’s important to understand what happens when you click on an adsense ad. The site runs the ad and the website owner gets the money. That’s true, and google earns a lot out of this because of doing this in a large margin. So the basic working is, a company for promoting their product goes to google adwords and says “Hey Google, I need to sell my product. so i need to advertise my product to a large number of viewers. I will pay you X amount of $ for every ad clicked if you run my ads on relevent sites where adsense is installed”. Now Google will take your ad and will analyse and checks wheather the ad is eligible for thier program and also checks for any restricted materials. After this procedure google pops it into their adsense network and if a website is relevant to the content of the ad, Google will give you a percentage of what they earn from every click on that ad if it displays to a visitor on your site.

The Payments

The only problem to the whole thing is that you don’t see any of the money hit your bank account until you earn a $100 worth of clicks/impressions. Impressions are simply the ad being displayed. A small amount is usually paid per X number of impressions, but clicks are always worth far more.

That’s okay, though, because seeing even one cent show up in your adsense account is a huge motivator if you’ve never messed with it before.

Adsense No-Nos

No introduction to Google Adsense is complete without a naughty list. An extensive list of Google’s AdSense program can be found here, But here is a brief overview.

  • Don’t click on your own ads
  • Don’t ask others to click on your ads
  • Don’t include any prohibited site content, including adult content, violence or excessive profanity, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), or copyrighted material
  • Don’t modify the Adsense code
  • Do follow our Webmaster Quality Guidelines
  • Do provide a good user experience
  • Don’t place more than 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on any page
  • Don’t place images near ads in a way that may mislead users into thinking that the images are associated with the ads

And never-ever violate these rules or you will get either a disapproval or warning from google.

Approval of a Google AdSense Account

And another problem is with the approval of the google adsense account. You wont get it approved as soon as you apply for one. First of all, your website must have good content and it should have visitors. and the next one is your website should be atleast a 6 months old so that they approve your application for adsense.

And also Google will take your application as a serious offense if your website contain any of the prohibited content mentioned in this link here .

Before applying to AdSense program , make sure you have not inserted any third party advertisement networks into your website as google hates seeing other advertisements on your website until they approve your adSense account.

Also stay away from affliate links such as hosting programs, Amazon affliates, Clickbank or anyother until your account is approved.

Another hidden fact is adding google analytics code on your website. Adding google analytics code on your website is a trusted factor for the approval. Adding analytics onto your website show that you are actively tracking your visitors and is much serious about the statistics of your users who visit your website.

Alexa Rank : – Google AdSense considering the Alexa rank has always been a controversy, as many people disagree that Google doesn’t care about your global rankings. Trust me, I strongly believe that this is one of the most important thing any manual operator checks before even opening your website statistics. And i also experienced the same in the case of this blog as i have applied and was not accepted for several times until webylog’s alexa global rank came to 83,00,000.

Another important thing to take care of is your domain name. A website with a free domain or subdomain is most likely not approved by the Google.


Once your website is ready with all these above guidelines, click here to apply to Adsense, and make sure you have gone through the Google AdSense TOC for more information on the program.

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